Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paint a new CAN do it!

How long should I wait before applying the next coat of paint?

Good question kemosabe!

If you have just installed a coat of "primer" (to a sheetrock wall or ceiling), I would wait until the primer is dry "to the touch" before installing the 1st coat of "finish" paint. There is no need to let the primer "cure" before applying the 1st coat of "finish" paint.

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It is very important to let the primer dry "to the touch" before applying the 1st coat of finish paint since you do not want the "primer" to "bleed" into the finish paint thereby "watering" down this 1st coat of finish paint.

If you are only installing 1 coat of finish paint for your project, I would recommend that you let this paint dry for a few hours before moving anything up against the wall &/or to re-install pictures to the wall,etc.. The drying time may be more depending on where, in the country, you live. If you want the paint to dry quicker, place some box fans in the area you have just painted. If you are just painting one room, do not turn your HVAC unit on or your "return air" registers will take the paint smell & transfer to all of your rooms the HVAC unit supplies.

I also recommend using a low-smelling paint for your project. Consult with your local paint store for this type of paint & they will show you what they recommend (if they carry it). You can also put a little vanilla extract in your paint (mix it up real good) to make the paint not smell as bad.....who knew?

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