Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lamb Skin Paint Roller Cover....simply the best in the business

"You mean there's a difference in what type of paint roller cover I use for my project"? Of course there is. The best paint roller cover out there is the "lamb skin roller cover" without a doubt. It's more expensive than the run of the mill paint roller cover but well worth it. Here's why:

The lamb skin paint roller cover holds almost twice the amount of paint than a regular roller cover. The paint is easy to apply to the wall too. You can cover more wall with each "dip" which means your time frame will be cut down saving you time & money. The lamb skin paint roller cover also does not "spit" paint so the cleanup is minimal. They're more expensive than the regular roller covers but well worth it & they last a long time too.

It's tempting to purchase a cheaper roller cover when you're at the store but......don't do it. You are thinking you will be saving money by down-grading your paint roller cover since it's just a paint roller cover....what difference does it make?..........PLENTY.

You could go with the generic "economy style" paint roller cover. It's plenty cheap & you throw these roller covers away once you finish your paint project.......but they are a waste of money & cost you time as well. These roller covers don't hold very much paint & they also have a tendency to create "holidays" & they spit so stay away from these like the plague. Oh yeah, one other thing: these paint roller covers leave lots of lint on your walls which is very visible on smooth wall finish.

The next step up for paint roller covers is the standard synthetic roller covers most people purchase. These roller covers come in different naps ie. 1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4",1",1 1/4". These roller covers work pretty good but you have to be careful or you will get holidays & they spit plus they only hold so much paint, unlike the lamb skin roller covers. These covers will do (in a pinch......I'm saying emergencies here).

There is a contractor series roller cover available which is a step up from the standard roller covers. These are made of a half & half blend of synthetic materials & lamb skin or the lamb skin material is like lamb skin & sometimes not "real" lamb skin. These paint roller covers work really good other than the fact they don't hold as much paint as the 100% lamb skin roller covers. I used to use these roller covers all the time before I really knew that much about the real lamb skin variety. Once I was introduced to the 100% lamb skin roller cover was a match made in heaven.

Plan on purchasing your lamb skin roller cover before your paint project begins as you might have to go to a few stores since sometimes these puppies are sold out......I wonder why? Don't fall into the trap of waiting until the day of your project to purchase your paint roller cover because "Murphy" has a way of raising his head making the store not have the lamb skin roller cover & making you have to purchase the other ones instead.......yep, that's how it usually works.
Just so you know, I am not a salesman for the lamb skin roller cover factory, I do not make any money for attempting to persuade you to use lamb skin roller covers, I do not own a sheep farm which may or may not sell their products to factories that make lamb skin roller covers, & I do not own any sheep skin coats. I do like to use those lamb skin roller covers for my painting projects though!

Try a lamb skin roller cover next time. You'll be a happy camper!

Click here for more painting tips.......shhh....these are in "video format".......enjoy!

Paint on.


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