Monday, August 3, 2009

Smelly paint could "wreck" your next paint project

Did you know that smelly paint could (& probably will) play havoc on your next painting project? Yes, that's a fact. Smelly paint should be avoided at all costs. I don't think you want to invest alot of time on your paint project only to find out that the paint you used was more smelly than you thought. "All paint smells doesn't it?" Well, some paints smell worse than others. "What can I do next time then?" I'm glad you asked that. Here's what you're going to do:

If you are going to use the old pan can you have in the back of the shed, make sure you mix it up good then "smell" the paint. Does it smell like old musty smelly paint? (I'm talking really smelly here). If it does, don't use it. Go to the store & get some new paint. I know it will cost you a few dollars but it's well worth it as you don't want this smelly old paint to outlast its welcome. Oh yeah, take your old paint can to the paint store with you so they can match up the paint. If you decide to use the paint in the old paint can, make sure you strain the paint before you use it.

If you are repainting the interior sheetrock walls of your home, it's always a good idea to purchase a low/no VOC paint. This is a low smelling paint that will get the job done for you. Talk to the paint store & they will show you what types of low smelling paint they have which will work for your project.

"I just purchased the paint for my interior sheetrock walls but I didn't even think to purchase a low smelling paint. What do I do now?" Here's a trick I learned many years ago. Put some vanilla extract in it & stir it in. You know....the cooking variety that you make cookies with. Believe it or not, it works pretty good.

It's important to realize, you'll still have a paint smell when you complete your project......"no matter what you do", but the above ways can minimize the smelly paint smell you hate. Try out the above tips & you'll be.........smelling like a rose!

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Paint on.


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