Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video Content...Shoe Repair....using Liquid Nails?

Shoe Repair....using Liquid Nails? You betcha! Liquid nails will repair just about anything....even shoes. Liquid nails will bond to pretty much any surface. What's liquid nails you ask?


Liquid nails will practically repair anything. Liquid nails will bond to most surfaces. Liquid nails comes in different formulas so go to the hardware store & check it out. Read the labels & see which liquid nails caulking tube is the right one for your project. The "original formula" liquid nails is the one I generally use for most of my general repairs. My tennis shoe sole was coming off, the other day, so I thought I would use liquid nails for "the shoe sole repair". I thought....what would it hurt? So I picked up the liquid nails & away I went!


Liquid nails is kind of sticky when it gets on your fingers, hands, etc.. So...if you have to use your finger, I find that if I wet my finger before I smooth it out, it doesn't get on me as much. Liquid nails is also pretty smelly as it's drying so be in a well ventilated area. Liquid nails doesn't cost very much per tube so I pick one up every once in awhile, just in case.


Even if you don't have a pair of tennis shoes to repair, keep a couple of tubes of liquid nails around as you never know when you'll need it. Put your thinking cap on & I think you'll find plenty of projects & repairs you can use liquid nails on. It works'll see!

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