Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wrapping up those pesky extension cords (video content)

Wrapping up those pesky extension cords.....the proper way. Are you having trouble wrapping up your extension cords the new fangled way? You've seen other people wrap up their extension cords this new way but you still haven't got it down. I think you should check out this post as I will teach you, once & for all, how to wrap up those pesky extension cords.

I will actually go "down under" to show you how to wrap up your extension cords. That's right, I am going to get under the video camera & show you the proper way to wrap up those extension cords.....that way my left is your left & my right is your right. Trust me, you will "see & understand" the complete process of wrapping up your extension cords.........once you view these instructional videos.


That wasn't so bad was it? Review the video again if you need to. Look at this next video clip & tell me what you think of your "handy work":


Here's another instructional video showing you how to wrap up your extension cords another way. It's actually the same way other than doubling up the extension cord before wrapping up the extension cord thereby making the overall wrapped up extension cord way shorter. It will store easier this way too. Check it out:


If you still feel a little unsure about how to wrap your extension cord this "different way"........then here's what you need to do: Watch the videos again, go out to your garage & untangle your extension cords & try wrapping the extension cord(s) up just like you saw me do. If you get stuck, try again. You'll never learn unless you try.......Murphy's Law. You "will" get the hang of it, just stick with it.

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Wrap On!


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