Monday, September 21, 2009

Paint Prep can be more important than painting

Paint prep can be more important than painting (depending on your paint project). Prep work is not as fun as the actual painting but paint prep is a must for your paint job to turn out looking good!

Paint prep can consist of alot of things but here's the most common items for interior painting:

* Before caulking: clean off any dirt/dust buildup on any wood trim areas needing to be painted or painted around.

* Caulking: prep any painted wood trim areas,inside corners,outside corners,cracks,visible lines & imperfections,nail holes,screw holes,staple holes,around trim pieces,etc.,look at all your sheetrock wall areas & prep those areas too (same things as described above).

* Remove: electrical outlet cover plates & switch plates,save all plates & screws & put in bucket or box....wash & clean these covers,replace any broken or stained covers,re-install after all paint is dry.

* Remove from sheetrock walls: staples,tacks,scotch tape,unused plastic anchors (or patch over),finish nails,etc..

* Install masking tape around: electrical outlets & light switches,trim,baseboard,light fixture bases,etc..

* Install drop cloths or tape down plastic to floor areas.

* Clean off: ink pen marks,color crayon marks,dark smudges,dirt,food markings,grease/oil buildups,etc. (whatever you cannot remove, you will then need to install a "kilz" primer or some other primer product before applying any paint).

* Check out any spray texture imperfections & scrape off any unsightly specks (interior sheetrock walls).

* Look for any water stains: treat these areas accordingly as you do not want any water stains to "bleed" through your paint job.

* Look for cobwebbs & remove any you see.

* Do any wall areas need to be lightly sanded? Check it out then wipe down wall areas prior to applying any paint.

* Exterior painting: review the above list to see what applies.

* Exterior painting: cover bushes/landscaping items,check you local weather forecast for possible rain & wind issues.

Prep your paint areas before painting & your paint project will come out looking better than ever!

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