Friday, September 18, 2009

Painting tip...pour your paint from the "backside"

Here's another painting tip for you....there's a reason to pour your paint from the backside. This painting tip is vital since how many times have you needed some more paint & you looked at your paint can & low & behold....there's old paint all the way down the front of your paint can so you can't see what color of paint you need plus.......the paint type could also be covered up so now you don't know if it's flat,eggshell,or semi-gloss,etc..

Maybe there is old paint covering up the little tag that shows the special formula of the paint you were using & you need 1 more gallon but the paint store will not know how to mix the last gallon of paint you need because the label was covered up. You didn't "cover-up" the special formula sticker mind you. The last person who used this particular paint can did though.

You should always make it a habit to pour your paint from the backside of the paint can. That way, if any paint spills down the side of the paint can, you can wipe it up & not worry that you are covering any special wording on the paint can. Keep the "front" of the paint can clean & you will be better off. Follow this painting tip & you'll never have to worry about "this" again.

Here's another painting tip....check to make sure you know exactly where the special formula tag has been put on the paint can. Most of the time this label is placed on the lid of the paint can so be careful with the lid too although I have also seen this label stuck to the side of a paint can so check it out before starting your project.

Another painting tip for you might also want to pick up a little circular plastic goody that you can put on the top edge of your gallon paint can "before" you pour your paint out. This minimizes any drips you get on the side of the paint can when pouring your paint....still pour from the back though.

You may think, "Is this such a big deal?" & my answer is "Yes" as I see this kind of thing happening over & over. Just a simple thing with major ramifications if you know what I mean. Better to be safe than sorry. Follow the painting tips above & think it through before "pouring your paint".

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