Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do-It-Yourself can do it

Do-it-yourself painting. Are there any do-it-yourself painters out there? Do-it-yourself painting is a good way to save money. There's alot of projects out there that do-it-yourself painters can do. Check out my blog site with over 25 articles on do-it-yourself painting, tips, techniques, etc..

You will find articles like:

* Paint baseboards.....quick & easy
* Painting galvanized sheetmetal flashing.....and gutters
* Repainting interior wood doors....just got easy
* Painting Interior door frames
* Interior/Exterior Painting tips.....questions & comments
* Painting stucco....the right way
* Painting T1-11 siding
* How to caulk like a pro
* Paint Prep can be more important than painting
* Painting tip....pour your paint from the "backside"
* How much paint do I need?
* Tell a friend or make a comment
* Paint paneling....don't do it!
* Paint wall covering...should I do it?
* Smelly paint could "wreck" your next paint project
* Lamb Skin paint roller cover...simply the best in the business
* Change color of your bedroom walls should be easy
* Strain paint....a great idea!
* "Matching the Paint" made easy
* Color match your paint by saving your sheetrock scrap
* Save water when painting a wall.....who knew?
* Spackle or not to spackle....that is the question
* Prime a wall & do it right
* Paint a new CAN do it!
* Paint a wall like a pro
* Painting a sheetrock/drywall patch

Do-it-yourself painting is easy & fun. Couldn't find what you were looking for? Send me a comment & tell me what you would like for me to write on. I'm here to help. I want you to be a great do-it-yourself painter.

Do-it-yourself painting is not for everyone & not every do-it-yourself painter can tackle every painting job out there. Sometimes it's best to call a professional but check out the above articles on the blog & see how many you can do.

If you have a friend who you think would like to read this "post", please click on "tell a friend" at the bottom of this post so they can become a better do-it-yourself painter. They will thank you for it....& so will I!

Click here on how to get some "free" video painting tips

Paint On!


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