Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tips to roll & unroll 50 ft. extension cords (instructional video)

Tips for rolling & unrolling your 50 ft. extension cords....these tips will be useful. The standard way to unroll a 50 ft. extension cord is to untie the end of the cord & lay the rest of the extension cord on the floor & start pulling the extension cord out to unroll the rest of the 50 ft. extension cord. Sometimes you get that I mean you can sometimes unroll the entire extension cord without tangling the cord all up. More times than not though, the extension cord has a mind of its own & "wants" to tangle up just to get you mad.

* Check out this instructional video *


The 50 ft. extension cord can easily tangle when you start to unroll it (as you just saw). You've got to be careful when unrolling a 50 ft. extension cord or the same thing will (& can) happen to you. There's got to be a better way to unroll your 50 ft. extension cords....and there is. Hold on to the entire cord & start unrolling the extension cord right off of your hand, one loop at a time. Walk the extension cord on out, one loop at a time. You will find this is a much easier & faster way to unroll your 50 ft. extension cords (or 100 ft. extension cords).

* Check out this instructional video (good video content) *


When you want to roll your 50 ft. extension cords back up (or 100 ft. extension cords)....there's a right way & a wrong way to do this too......did you know that? If you want to roll the extension cord back up the standard way, start with the "female" end of the extension cord. Roll the extension cord on your arm making sure to unroll (& unravel) all of the twisted/kinked areas as you go.....this is an important step! (this will make the extension cord easier to unroll & reuse the next time you need to roll out your extension cord). Leave a little bit of the 50 ft. extension cord unrolled (at the end), then wrap this around the rolled up extension cord & tie off. When you are ready to unroll your 50 ft. extension cord again, untie the cord (from the male end), plug the male end to the wall then "walk out" the extension cord, loop by loop (as previously explained above). That's it.

* Check out this instructional video & see what I mean *


I've touched on the "standard ways" to roll & unroll your 50 ft. &/or 100 ft. extenison cords but........there is a "better" way. Do you want to learn a "New Age Way" to roll & unroll your extension cords? I hope your answer is "yes". See my article/post titled "New Age Way" to wrap & unwrap your extension cords. This will give you other options that may come in useful to you...or a friend. You might find the "instructional videos" helpful....or at least interesting! Read it, see it, try it, "know it".

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