Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goof Off Cleaner Remover....what to know

Goof Off Cleaner Remover is a great product (I'm talking the original formula here). Great products don't always mean they work in every circumstance though. Goof Off Cleaner Remover can be the worst thing to use.....if you don't know any better. Goof Off Cleaner Remover can be a life saver or a game breaker. Here's what you "need" to know:

* Goof Off Cleaner Remover can "remove" the existing paint finsh of the wall you are trying to clean. Dab on just a little Goof Off Cleaner Remover to a clean "white" rag. Gently rub the rag on the wall in circular motions being careful not to rub too hard. Try this in a small area first, to see if it will "break down" your soiled spot on the wall.

Be aware of how hard you are rubbing & for how long you have to rub before the spot starts to go away. There's a fine line as to knowing if the Goof Off Cleaner Remover is working to just remove the stain or if the Goof Off Cleaner Remover is, in fact, removing the spot as well as removing a portion of the existing paint on your wall.

You will think you have to rub more to get the spot off but you will then see (much to your dismay) that the wall will start feeling a little "sticky". If you feel this happening, that means that you are now removing the paint from the wall. Stop rubbing! You now have created a new mark, one that will "not" go away unless you apply touch up paint to the wall. Not good.

You also do not want to use any other color of rag except white, you know......the red rags you can sometimes get at the store or blue ones,etc.. The Goof Off Cleaner Remover is very powerful "stuff" & sometimes will remove part of the red dye,etc. from the colored rags. Stop & do not use these rags or you'll be in for a BIG surprise!

* Goof Off Cleaner Remover can also remove the pre-finished paint from metal door frames,etc. (the paint you do "not" want removed). The same thing happens here. Rub too long & too hard (on the "mark" you are trying to remove), & you will remove the pre-finished paint & the finish will have a "sticky feel" to it. Have a light touch & know when to stop.

* Goof Off Cleaner Remover will also remove spot stains/paint from carpets. Try squirting a little directly on the stained/soiled area & use a small tooth brush (or cleaning brush) using a circular rubbing action then blot dry with a white rag.

It's important to realize (and most people don't) that once you clean a carpet area with Goof Off Cleaner Remover, new dirt will have a tendency to magically adhere to this same area (almost like a magnet) just from "foot traffic". So hopefully your spot is just a small spot & not a large spot in a traffic area or the spot will reappear sooner than you think.

* Goof Off Cleaner Remover is "very" smelly when you are using it. Be aware of your surroundings & think about this "before" you start working with the Goof Off Cleaner Remover. You're eyes will start burning a bit too (depending on how much of the Goof Off Cleaner Remover you've applied). I'm talking the "original formula" here as I have not tried the "low smell" product as of yet. That might be your answer.

If you are going to be using Goof Off Cleaner Remover in an office environment with people around, you may want to do the work "after-hours", when no one is around, as you do not want any employees/workers complaining about the smell because they will! The smell is "potent" but goes away after awhile.

* Goof Off Cleaner Remover is a great product. Goof Off Cleaner Remover will remove "stuff" you never thought possible. Just be sure that "stuff" is what you want removed.

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