Sunday, October 11, 2009

Repainting Interior Wood Doors......just got easy

Repainting interior wood doors can be a project you can do.....yes you! It takes a little know-how but I am confident, if you follow the below will be able to paint like the pros. Repainting interior wood doors yourself can save you lots of $$. Here's the steps:

* Remove the pins from your existing interior wood door & remove the door. Remove the door & take it to the garage. You're going to repaint the door in the garage. You don't want to repaint the wood door in place as you will have difficulty painting around the door hinges & door knob not to mention getting paint on the door jamb on the hinge side, carpet, tile, wall(s), etc..

* Before you repaint the interior wood door, you are going to remove the existing hinges from the door. Be careful as you remove these hinges as you do not want to damage the surrounding painted wood area around the hinges (this happens sometimes). If the hinges are tight on the door (even after removing the screws) take special care on removing them.

* You will also be removing the door knob assembly from the door....note how the door handle comes apart so you can "remember" how it goes back together. Keep all of the door handle parts together so you don't lose any of the pieces.

* Time to set-up your working environment. You can set the door up in two different ways. You can lean the door against a wall & put wood blocks under the bottom edge to keep the bottom of the door up off of the floor or.... you can get two sawhorses then...put two 3" long screws in the top of the door & at the bottom of the door (towards both ends/letting each screw stick out about 1 1/2") & set the door flat between each sawhorse letting the screws set on the you can flip the door over each time without damaging your paint job.

* I prefer laying the door flat as you can control the sanding & repainting of the door better then painting up & down strokes evenly when leaning the door up against a wall....make sense? You might have to move some stuff around in your garage so you have enough room but it will be well worth it. Ready for the next step?

* It's now time to take some "fine" sandpaper & lightly sand the door before repainting it. This will put some "etch" marks in the door & make the new paint stick better. It will also remove any raised wood grain areas or soften any "bits" on the existing paint finish. Run your hand down the door when sanding has been completed & spot sand any other areas you feel necessary. You want the door feeling "smooth". Don't sand too much in any one area as you want all areas to naturally "blend" together when completed.

* When you have that done, don't forget to wipe the door down with a soft rag when complete so you get all of the dust off before repainting the door. Now you're ready to flip the door over & do the other side. So far so good.

* You're now ready for the paint. I will make the assumption that you will be repainting your interior wood door with the same color of paint that is now on the door (or something pretty close to the existing paint).

* The next quandary: do you use a paint roller or paint brush to repaint your interior wood door? That depends: If you have a 4,6,or 8 raised panel door let's say, then I would suggest you use a good finish paint brush since you will need to get in the nooks & crannies in & around the raised panel sections. You would first repaint the individual panel sections then graduate over to the middle, top, & bottom flat stile areas of the door then finish off with the full length vertical sections of the door. Take note that you make the brush strokes in the same direction as the wood grains on the door. Remember....nice even strokes.

* If you have a full "flat" door slab, then I would suggest using a mini roller when repainting this type of interior wood door. This will give you full even strokes from the top of the door to the bottom of the door with the miniroller........take care with applying the same amount of paint on your strokes as you want a nice even coverage. On the last pass through, make sure you go from top to bottom without any breaks so you don't get any unwanted paint marks on your door.

* Let the paint dry before flipping the door over to do the other side. Now repeat the above process for repainting the interior wood door. Don't forget to paint the edges of the door.

* You can now reinstall the door hinges then take the door in & pop the door back into place. Make sure you have clean hands & fingers as you do not want to "smudge" the paint. You will also want to make sure the paint is fully dry or your fingers could "indent right into the door" depending how heavy your door is (trust me...I know!) when you are carrying it back into the house. Careful not to bang into any walls now!

* Once you have the door back in it's opening you can reinstall the door handle assembly. Depending how old your handle unit is, you might want to spray a little silicone spray into the assembly before reattaching the unit. Close the door & check to see if the door strike is adjusted properly.

* There you have it! Remember not to "race" through this project as it will a bad way. Repainting your interior wood door(s) can be an easy project you can do yourself.....if you have the time...and the patience.'re "in-the-know!

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