Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dry Wall Repair....what tools do I need?

Dry wall repair....what tools do I need? It depends what "kind" of dry wall repairs you will be doing. Will you be installing the actual dry wall for your dry wall repair or will you be installing the dry wall mud for your dry wall repair? Different dry wall repairs....different dry wall tools.

* To actually install the dry wall "board" material, for your dry wall repairs, you will need the following:

* Cordless electric drill. If you are installing the dry wall board for your drywall repair & you will be installing "screws" then you need an electric cordless drill. You can use a regular drill if you want. Or you can use a "screw gun" that is specially designed to install drywall screws for your drywall repair.

* Dry wall hammer (for installing dry wall nails). This is a specially designed hammer that has a rounded tapered head for installing dry wall nails (if you are going to install your dry wall with nails instead of screws....I recommend installing screws though). When installing the nails, you want to hit the nails in flush with the dry wall then one more hit after that & that will put a round indented circle into the surrounding dry wall around the nail head. This will give enough room for the dry wall mud to properly cover over. You don't really need this kind of hammer for installing your dry wall repair though. Screws should work fine....& better.

* Tape measure & pencil. Generally a 25-30 foot tape measure works well & a carpenter's pencil works better than a regular pencil.

* Dry wall knife: make sure you have extra dry wall blades as you always want to keep a sharp blade in your knife. Get the retractable knife blade so when you're not using the knife, you can retract the blade....for safety purposes.

* Keyhole saw. Better known as a dry wall saw but it's the little hand held saw not the big saw. You'll use this to cut out for the electrical outlets or switch boxes or to cut curves with,etc.. Good to have around for all your dry wall repairs.

* T-square to cut your dry wall with. It's a "big" t-square (made specially to cut dry wall) that will cut up to 4 feet long. You could also use a level as a straight edge & cut with that. It helps to have straight lines for your dry wall repair(s).

* Dry wall rasp. It shaves off the edges of the dry wall once you cut it...for nice straight edges. If your dry wall barely doesn't fit (once you've cut it), you can shave off the edge(s) easily with this rasp rather than using your dry wall knife (that's an accident ready to happen).

That's about all you'll need, tool wise, to install the dry wall for your dry wall repairs. I'll talk about what tools you will need to use (for your dry wall repairs) for installing the dry wall mud next time. See you then!

Click here for some video tips on painting your dry wall repair

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