Saturday, October 3, 2009

Painting T1-11 Siding

Painting T1-11 siding is a snap. T1-11 siding is very forgiving as the siding usually comes rough sawn & painting imperfections are easily hidden so even a beginner can easily do this painting project. Here's what you need to know:

Painting over new T1-11 siding requires a little prep work first. Caulk all your trim piece edges, check for imperfections on the T1-11 siding itself & caulk where needed, check to make sure all nailing has been completed & nails are down flush with the T1-11 siding surface, caulk any visible nail holes. Now you're ready to apply the prime coat of paint.

Apply the primer with a paint brush at all the "groove areas". It's hard to cover all the T1-11 siding groove areas with a paint roller so it's best to use a paint brush.....or you can use a paint roller then re go over all the missed spots with a paint brush. Tinting the primer close to the finish paint color is also a good idea.

If you do use a roller, make sure you use something like a 1 1/4 inch lambskin roller cover or contractor series roller cover so you can fit into the grooves better. You will still need to use a paint brush to finish up though (at any missed areas). You will also need to use a paint brush around trim edges,etc., everywhere you can't get with a paint roller.

You will be using lots of paint primer as the T1-11 siding really "soaks" up the paint. Don't be bashful. You'll be done with the primer in no time. Then you'll be ready to apply the finish paint to your T1-11 siding painting project.

Painting the T1-11 siding will require 2 coats of finish paint. You could apply just one coat of paint but the paint will last longer if you apply two coats plus your project will come out looking better since your paint will have a "full body look" with 2 coats of finish paint.

Apply the paint pretty much like you applied the primer making sure you use a paint brush to "finish off" the groove areas & around the trim edges,etc.. Using an extension pole for your paint roller will also speed up your project so get aquainted with it.

If you are "repainting your existing T1-11 siding" then follow the above steps minus applying the primer. Don't forget to check all areas & "caulk accordingly". You can apply just one coat of finish paint if you are matching the same color you already have. If you are slightly changing colors, then I would suggest you apply 2 coats of finish paint. A drastic color change will require that you apply a first coat of primer.

Painting your T1-11 siding is an easy project you can do by yourself or with a few friends. It's a great way to save money & don't you need a little extra money right now? Who said you couldn't paint like a pro? You can do it!

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